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The beauty and success of your Word Press Development Company located in the theme you have used in your website. However, it is crucial for you to see how easily it adapts to changes in the different tasks. With web development trends rapidly changing, it is important to adjust your Word Press theme to optimize performance and capture the attention of the target audience.

Here are the top 10 ways you can easily optimize your Word Press theme and make your Word Press development company success.

  1. Use an effective Word Press hook to add a Favicon

Hook allows developers to insert custom code without using the template of your Word Press development company. This just gives a great flexibility to developers as whenever they feel to change anything, just have to change the function that is attached to a hook. You can add custom favicon to your website without including header.php file using a hook.

Sometimes, a few Word Press themes can contain their own action hooks that can be used to introduce the functions at a specific point of execution.

  1. Remove some header elements

Usually, Word Press generates certain things within the head section of your web page, specifically the meta tag generator, link and link wlwmanifest RSD. However, some website owners or bloggers like Word Press version never reveal your website or blog is using and therefore remove generator meta tag in the header so that no one can say which version of your website or blog use.

On the other hand, if you do not want the XML -RPC functionality you can simply remove the links RSD.

  1. Get help from Feed Burner and Word Press redirect it

There is no doubt that Word Press offers world class food. But if you want to know the statistics of subscribers then you will have to use Feed Burner and have to redirect your feeds to it.

  1. Always show featured images in the feed

It’s a great way to encourage subscribers to visit your website or blog in the future. You can simply embed images within RSS feeds. However, it requires custom code as Word Press does not show featured images in RSS feeds.

  1. Restrict users to access content

You can also restrict the number of users accessing the contents, to allow only RSS subscribers or registered users who use custom code within your Word Press development company.

  1. Incorporate Social Media Links

Maximum numbers of users spend most of their time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Incorporating social media into the theme really can help users to share their messages through various social networking sites.

  1. Make it mobile friendly

While most people use their mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad for browsing websites, it is imperative that you detect mobile browsers like Safari and so on in order to know when a user is using an iPhone or iPad.

These are the few ways you can optimize your Word Press theme to make your Word Press development company more powerful and effective.

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