Word Press Content Management System

Word Press is a content management system open source. In fact, it was originally developed as a blogging platform but soon the web designers and developers realized the ingenious features of the Word Press publishing platform and began to use it as a custom CMS for the development of various web applications. Today Word Press is one of the best content management systems commonly used for website development. In fact is an award-winning open source CMS publishing platform and has earned laurels due in the same category.

In this article we will discuss the key attributes of Word Press development which makes it stand apart from other CMS platforms peers.

Word Press is easy to use!

 This is one of the most defining features of Word Press that does away ahead of other content management systems. The simplicity of the CMS is a necessary attribute because most website owners are running their business full time and cannot sacrifice a lot of time for it. Word Press offers users a very easy and convenient to manage the web application content. For starters, the Word Press admin bar is not at all intimidating. This is a breath of relief compared with its various counterparties and Drupal. The Drupal admin bar is very intimidating and makes it very difficult for users to work on it, if they are not come from a new technical ground.

Along with that users can easily make changes to the Word Press CMS add new items and content etc. with the help of Word Press widgets. Word Press Widgets make and update the website as easy as drag and drop. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that has made web development Word Press, the most preferred CMS for web developers.

Word Press is highly scalable with plug in support.

Word Press is plug in architecture which makes it very easy for users to increase the scope and functionality of Word Press based website simply with the help of the appropriate plug-ins. Plug-ins are small pieces of software which added to the CMS functionality specific for the same. An example of it is of Adobe Flash Player.

While most other content management systems also offer support plugging (Drupal has modules Drupal and Joomla extensions Joomla offers) but it is nothing compared to a full range of more than 17,000 plugins provided by the Word Press CMS. No matter what you are looking for – be it search engine optimization , creating a backup of your website , which allows social networking , chat boxes , etc., can do all that and more with the help of appropriate Word Press plugins .

End Note

The CMS platform choice depends only on the nature of your project. Each platform is advantageous in their own rights and therefore, depending on the nature of the website, and technical expertise, you should choose the solution right CMS development.

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