5 Points to Remember for Ecommerce Website Design

Web page design for suitable electronic trading is essential for the success of your company, because this is the primary means of communication with your customers. This is still a relatively new and may not know what features your site should have. Your goal is to get users to return regularly and make a transaction most of the time. The following tips e-commerce web design will help to ensure you succeed:

  1. Filtering: Customers do not like having to go through the pages that list all their products. If you offer them the possibility to filter the specific product categories, then you can narrow your search easy and complete the transaction quickly. Generally, customers prefer products Sort by price, size, popularity, and etc search function, preferably with auto-complete, will make it easier for customers to use your site.
  2. Product Details: Customers get very irritated when they cannot find enough information on products. Detailed product gives customers the confidence to buy from your website because they feel they will not make a mistake like that.
  3. Checkout simple: Ask only the information you really need. If you ask too much information as part of the checkout process, then you could simply press the button again. People who use handheld devices to access the site will find it particularly difficult to fill a lot of forms. In addition, the form should be easy to understand. You should also place a shopping cart on every page in a prominent place.
  4. Contact: Customers like to know that they can contact you in case you ever need it. The need to contact a company rarely occurs but will benefit from giving their customers what they want. In addition, your website will be very reliable if you give a phone number and mailing address.
  5. Comprehensive Security: Customers need to know that their financial data will not be stolen if they make a transaction on your site. If the site is secure then you should show signs of confidence needed in place. Make sure your customers will be looking for them.


Make sure your website is done very carefully to not let you do a lot of business. Aside from having the best ecommerce web design, you should also ensure that your site is hosted on a secure server and is easily accessible at all times.

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